How Many Baby Wipes Do I Need?

How Many Baby Wipes Do I Need?

If you're overwhelmed by all the baby wipe options out there and don't know how many baby wipes do i need, look no further! We’ve got the perfect how-to guide to help you pick out the right number of wipes for your newborn baby. It's important to consider your newborn's sensitive skin when making the selection and this guide provides clear, easy steps to make sure you get exactly what you need. Whether it's time to stock up or just restock, this guide will show you what kind and amount of baby wipes are best for you and your little bundle of joy. So don't stress - let's get started!

What Are Baby Wipes? 

Baby wipes are moistened disposable clothes that are designed specifically for use on babies and young children. They come in several different varieties, ranging from unscented to hypoallergenic or even scented with natural essential oils. Most baby wipes also have added ingredients like aloe vera or vitamin E for extra skin protection. 

How Many Baby Wipes Do I Need

The Benefits Of Baby Wipes

  • Baby wipes are designed with gentle ingredients that won’t cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. This means they’re great for not just babies, but adults too! 
  • Baby wipes come in small packages that are easy to carry around. You can keep them in your pocket, bag, or car so you have them when you need them most! Plus, they don’t require any water or extra supplies—just take out a wipe and use it as needed.  
  • Not only do baby wipes contain gentle ingredients, but they also do an excellent job of cleaning up messes without scrubbing too hard. This means no redness or irritation from scrubbing too hard!  
  • Although baby wipes were created for babies, they can also be used on other parts of your body like your face and hands. They can also be used to clean surfaces like countertops and tables.  
  • There are many different types of baby wipes available on the market today. You can choose ones that are scented or unscented, hypoallergenic or non-hypoallergenic, etc.—the possibilities are endless! 

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How Many Wipes Do I Need Per Day?

Disposable baby wipes are typically used in larger amounts due to the fact that disposable diapers can't be reused. Newborns require 10-12 disposable baby wipes per diaper change, which leads to an average of 120 disposable wipes a day! As babies get older, fewer wipes are needed—by 3 months it is 8-10 disposable wipes per diaper change, and 6-8 by 6 months.

Reusable baby wipes may also be used, leading to fewer resources and money being saved over time. Reusable baby wipes should also be washed with your normal laundry after every use. So if you use reusable baby wipes instead of disposable ones, you can make a difference for both the planet and your wallet.

How Many Baby Wipes You May Need For Your Newborn 

How Many Baby Wipes Do I Need

 For Newborns

 When it comes to baby wipes for newborns, it's best to expect the unexpected! You can assume you will need up to 1,100 baby wipes in the first 30 days alone. This generalizes to 3,300 baby wipes being needed within the first 90 days with your new bundle of joy. This equates to an average of 15 packets of baby wipes per month and 45 packets of baby wipes within the first 90 days. 

 For Toddlers

As your little one grows and develops, they may require fewer diaper changes per day—which means you will use fewer baby wipes than when they were a newborn. Generally speaking, toddlers between 12-24 months may require an average of 9-10 packs of baby wipes each month—or 270-300 per 90 days. 

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Things To Keep In Mind When Purchasing Baby Wipes :

Although finding the right type of baby wipe can be quite daunting, there are certain factors that should be taken into consideration before purchasing any kind of product for your little one:  

Favorite Baby Wipes

Some parents prefer specific brands or types like Pampers baby wipes or Huggies; make sure to look into these options before making a purchase.  

Baby's Skin

It’s important that whatever kind of wipe you choose is gentle on your little one's skin as well as effective enough to cleanse them thoroughly after every diaper change.  

Store Baby Wipes

Make sure that whatever kind of store brand or generic type you purchase has sufficient wetness and is not too rough on your little one's delicate skin.  

Poopy Diaper

If there’s a particularly poopy diaper involved then make sure that whichever brand or type you use can effectively tackle those messes without causing any irritation whatsoever. 

 • Wet Diaper

Similarly, if there’s been a particularly wet diaper then ensure that it's cleaned off properly with the right product! 

 • Baby Wipes Expire 

When it comes to purchasing Baby Wipes, there is one key thing to remember: they can expire! This means that it's essential to always check the expiration date before making your purchase. Not only will this ensure you are getting a quality, fresh product, but it will keep both you and your little one safe from any possible health risks. Keep an eye out and double-check the expiration date so your baby gets the best of the best - after all, they deserve nothing less than the best!

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Avoid Scented Wipes 

When shopping for baby wipes, the most important thing to remember is to avoid selecting scented wipes. Fragranced wipes may contain harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and irritants that can be damaging to a baby's delicate skin and cause potential allergies or reactions. To ensure the gentlest care for your baby's sensitive skin and to keep an eye on any potential allergies, it is highly recommended to only choose wipes that explicitly state they are unscented.

How Many Baby Wipes Do I Need


How Much Is A Yearly Supply Of Baby Wipes?

It depends on the brand and type of packaging you choose. On average, a baby uses up to 8,000 wipes during their first year. This makes the cost range between $160 and $480 for a year's supply, or around $13 to $40 per month. If you're looking to stock up, keep an eye out for any deals!

How Many Diapers Can Be Used Per Day?

 It depends on the age of the child, with newborns needing far more than toddlers. Newborns may require as many as 10-12 diapers in 24 hours, while by the age of 4 months, this number could drop to around 8-10. As children get older and have better bladder control, the number of times they need to be changed can decrease even further. 


Baby wipes are essential for new parents and play an important role in keeping your baby clean, healthy, and comfortable. With so many different brands and varieties on the market, it can be hard to know which product is right for you and your family. Our guide provides information on, how many you will need each day. We hope this article has helped you make a decision on which baby wipes are right for you and your little one. Feel free to share this article with other new parents who may find it useful.

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