how to cheer up a kid with a broken arm

How To Cheer Up A Kid With A Broken Arm

When a child's arm is broken and they have to stay inside, it can be difficult to find ways of lifting their spirits. Particularly if the youngster usually loves playing outdoors or participating in sporting activities. Here are some creative ideas on how to cheer up a kid with a broken arm!

how to cheer up a kid with a broken arm

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Creative Ideas On How To Cheer Up A Kid With A Broken Arm

Broken arms are no fun, but you can still keep your child entertained and smiling with so many fun activities! Here are some ideas for how to create a positive experience despite the broken bones:

1. Create An Indoor Obstacle Course

Set up an obstacle course in your house so that your child can enjoy physical activity without putting any strain on the broken bone. Have them race through the course or challenge themselves to complete it faster each time.

2. Imagination Games

Create a make-believe world in your living room and have your kid populate it with made-up characters and animals. Have them use their imagination to come up with stories or adventures they can explore together as they wait for the arm to heal.

3. One-Armed Bean Bag Toss

A broken arm can put a damper on a youngster's day, but playing a one-armed bean bag toss game can help them regain some of their fun. Start by obtaining a variety of colored bean bags (or make your own with fabric scraps) and an empty tissue box or another receptacle that can easily accommodate the small fabric sacks.

Then, depending on the size of the room where you're throwing the bean bags, attach a tape line for the kids to stand behind during their throws to keep it fair. Make sure to explain to them that they only get one shot at tossing each bag and must count how many shots they make.

For added safety, you may want to consider having someone stand in front of the line as an entrepreneur or scorer of sorts, ensuring that none of the participants cross over it during their throws. Give everyone time to take their shot and then tally up their total points at the end using plenty of enthusiasm!

Onlookers will be entertained as well by this creative variation on a classic bean bag toss game and everyone is sure to have lots of fun cheering each other on. Have them use their dominant arm to throw the bags into a target and give points for each successful attempt!

4. Kicking Games

Kicking a ball around can be a great way to help a kid with a broken arm cheer up. This type of activity gives the child an outlet for some energy, gives them something fun to do, and encourages them to move and stay active despite their injury.

Kids who can kick with their legs can work together to try to score goals or play various kicking games like "keep away" or "ball tag." Even those who can't kick could join in by passing the soccer balls back and forth with another player.

Set up obstacles for even more of a challenge, or create two teams if there are enough players.

5. Get Them A Fun Gift

When a child has a broken arm, immediate care, and proper recovery are often the focus. But it is also important to help the child stay in good spirits while they heal. One way to do this is by getting them a fun gift that fits their personality.

Consider gifting activities like painting an animal figurine set, stuffed animals, or teddy bears, and doing a jigsaw puzzle. You can also help with making slime or playdough for an arts and crafts project, building a lego set, or curling up with some of their favorite books!

If the child is restricted to bed rest due to the injury, then consider items such as sensory toys like kinetic sand or fidget spinners that will keep them engaged and entertained. Gifting something cuddly like a teddy bear can help brighten their days.

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6. Movie Marathon

Claiming the dreaded cast, a broken arm can be hard for any kid emotionally and physically. But here’s an idea to brighten up the child’s spirits – a movie marathon! Pick movies that are appropriate for the kid's age and let them pick out their favorites to create a combination.

Allowing your child to watch films they would usually not be allowed to can bring a comforting feeling of reward, making them feel more at ease. To make this experience more fun, gather extra treats such as popcorn, candy, snacks, and juices fit for the moviegoers!

Adjustments like propping up their arm with pillows or taking short breaks during the films can help in creating a successful marathon experience. Your child can invite a young friend to join in.

7. Read An Exciting Book

Reading is one of the best creative ways to cheer up a child with a broken arm. Picking out an exciting book for them can be a great way to encourage them not just to engage in activities requiring physical movement, but also ones that involve imagination and creativity.

The world of literature can be inhabited in spirit, letting the readers traverse through places and times unimaginable. A fun and exciting story helps children look beyond their current situation, exposing them to possibilities presented by different characters, worlds, and themes.

It can help them learn more about themselves and find comfort during challenging times. So why not grab a thrilling read for your kid with a broken arm? It'll certainly take their mind off the boredom of staying cooped up indoors!

8. Hula Hoop

It is tough for any physically active kid to deal with a broken wrist or arm, but hula hooping may make the journey more bearable. This creative idea offers a great way to amuse them while they are healing and taking their time off from activities they would otherwise enjoy.

It is important to pick out age-appropriate hoops so that no one gets hurt and visits the emergency room. Letting your child help choose the right hoop that appeals to them makes it more enjoyable and provides an opportunity for them to express themselves!

The activity of hula hooping holds dual benefits as children can receive physical exercise while staying safe in the process. When kids fall and break their arms, they can still have fun and challenge themselves by doing tricks such as switching directions or trying different moves with their free arm.

how to cheer up a kid with a broken arm


A broken arm can put a damper on any child's health and day, but it doesn't have to be all doom and gloom. There are plenty of creative ways to keep kids entertained and help them pass the time while they wait for their injuries to heal.

We hope some of these ideas have inspired you to come up with your own activities that will help keep the kid in your life cheerful and content while they wait to get back out on their feet!

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