how to apply diaper cream

How To Apply Diaper Cream

Knowing how to apply diaper cream is essential for any parent who is caring for an infant. Diaper cream protects your baby’s skin from wetness and irritation caused by diaper rash, allowing them to be comfortable in their diaper.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the proper way to apply diaper cream to ensure your baby’s comfort and health.

how to apply diaper cream

What's Diaper Cream?

Diaper cream is an ointment especially designed to protect against and prevent diaper rash and other skin irritations. It typically contains ingredients such as zinc oxide, petrolatum, lanolin, mineral oil, beeswax, or dimethicone that create a protective barrier on the skin.

Diaper creams can be used for both preventive care, to protect against diaper rashes, and healing care, to soothe already irritated skin.

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How To Apply Diaper Cream?

Applying diaper rash cream can provide relief and comfort to a baby's delicate skin. When you are ready to apply the diaper cream, it is important to take the following steps for the best results:

1. Remove The Dirty Diaper

First, remove the dirty diaper. If necessary, clean your baby's diaper area with water. Then use a cotton ball or baby wipes to gently pat the areas dry.

Gently lift your baby’s legs and buttocks apart so you can access all of the affected areas easily and evenly spread the diaper cream on them. Finally, make sure they are in a comfortable position before putting on a new, clean diaper.

2. Place A Clean Diaper On The Changing Pad

Once the area is clean and dry, place a new diaper underneath your baby on the changing pad. This will ensure that there is no transfer of cream to the table.

Make sure you have enough diapers available so that you can change them regularly to keep your baby’s skin healthy.

3. Apply Diaper Rash Cream

Now, open the tube of diaper cream and squeeze some onto your finger. The right amount should be about the size of a pea.

Gently spread the cream over your baby’s bottom in a thin layer, making sure to cover all areas. Remember to stay away from their private parts and don't forget to apply it also on their thighs and belly area.

Also, avoid getting it on your baby’s hands or face as it can be irritating.

4. Wipe Excess Cream From Your Hands

Once the cream is applied, wipe any excess from your hands and off of your baby’s skin.

5. Put On The Clean Diaper

Finally, put on the clean diaper and close it properly to ensure that the diaper cream stays in place. Make sure to do up all snaps or fastenings tightly to prevent leaks.

6. Wash Your Hands

Don’t forget to wash your hands with soap and water after applying the cream.

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When Should I Apply Diaper Cream?

Diaper rash creams should be applied at every diaper change, especially after a bowel movement and if you use cloth diapers. The diaper area can become very dry in between changes and the acidity in the feces can irritate your baby’s bottom, so it is best to keep it protected with a layer of ointment.

Applying a thick coating of diaper cream evenly over the entire bottom will provide complete protection and cure diaper rash. It is also advisable to use a barrier that creates an extra layer of protection, such as petroleum jelly or A+D balm.

As for when to change diapers, try to outdo yourself by checking two to three times a day even if there are no signs of wetness since doing so helps keep your baby’s skin free of irritation.

Benefits Of Applying Diaper Cream

Diaper cream has long been a part of traditional parenting, and modern research has provided evidence that this product truly has multiple advantages. From healing diaper rash to guarding against infection, parents can be confident that investing in well-made diaper creams provides noticeable benefits.

The top ten advantages include:

1. Acting As An Instant Soother

Diaper cream can be an effective and efficient way to soothe a baby's delicate skin. This is especially important since babies' skin needs more care and attention than adult skin due to its fragility and sensitivity.

Diaper cream helps immediately soothe the baby while providing long-term protection against further irritation. It contains ingredients like aloe vera, zinc oxide, petroleum jelly, and lanolin that form a barrier between the soiled diaper, urine, and stool – helping reduce friction caused by the diaper rubbing against the skin.

Besides keeping away rash and irritation, diaper cream also helps maintain moisture balance in the delicate regions of babies while healing their skin from various conditions like eczema or psoriasis. Thus, parents can help their little ones find instant relief from chapped or sore areas with this magical product!

2. Keeping The Skin Hydrated

The outer layer of your baby’s skin is constantly losing moisture, making it prone to dryness. Applying diaper cream on your baby's bottom helps lock in the natural oils and retain moisture for longer periods.

It also prevents the skin from drying out due to exposure to urine or feces, which can cause discomfort due to heat and friction.

3. Reducing Irritation

Diaper creams also help reduce irritation, especially when used regularly at every diaper change. This is because diaper cream isn’t just a barrier against wetness but also helps treat existing inflammation on the skin.

If your baby has already developed a rash, applying diaper cream will protect the skin and reduce further irritation.

4. Protecting Against Infection

Using diaper cream can also protect against infection in babies by creating an impenetrable barrier over the affected area. This prevents bacteria from entering the skin through open wounds or inflamed areas, thus minimizing the risk of infection.

5. Healing Open Wounds

Diaper cream can also help heal open wounds on the skin such as cuts or scrapes. The ingredients in the cream form a protective barrier that helps speed up the healing process and keeps away bacteria, dirt, and other irritants from entering the wound.

how to apply diaper cream


By following these steps, you can ensure that your baby’s skin is well protected and they remain comfortable in their diaper. Diaper cream is an essential part of caring for a baby, so make sure to use it correctly and always keep your little one safe!

In addition, always be sure to follow the directions on the product packaging to make sure you are using it correctly. Also, if your baby’s skin is still irritated or dry after several applications, contact their pediatrician as they may be having an allergic reaction to the diaper cream.

Remember, diaper cream should only be used for a short period and not as a long-term solution for diaper rash. The best way to keep your baby’s skin healthy is to change their diapers frequently and practice good hygiene. With the right diaper cream and a little bit of TLC, your baby can be happy and comfortable in no time!

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